Matt, Sarah and England

Good Morning! Hope you survived “spring forward”. Whatever it is it doesn’t seem to have effected me but some of the humans I know seem to be overly tired.

I wanted to talk about Matt because my family talks about him a lot and although we’ve never met I feel like I know him. Matt is my brother, of the human kind. He’s been travelling the world. Sarah is his girlfriend and she’s from a place called Hawes in England. My Mom says that’s where Wensleydale cheese is made – I love cheese. I would love to visit that place.


Yummy cheese!

Matt and Sarah moved to Melbourne, Australia last March where they spent 8 months living and working. They left Australia in November and went to Bali, Indonesia for a vacation.

I would love to visit the monkey forest.

In December they headed to the UK and they’ve been visiting Sarah’s family and exploring England for the past couple of months.

Looks like they’re having fun! I think I would enjoy hiking there.

Now Matt and Sarah are living in York, England. My Mom and Dad think that York looks like a cool place with a wonderful history and fabulous old architecture.

(Images By:

I’m not very interested in history or old buildings but York looks like a great place to go for a walk.

Also, I’ve been told that I probably descend from the British Cream Golden Retrievers so I would like to go see the place where my ancestors came from. Maybe I would meet some British dogs to wrestle with.

I think Matt and Sarah look like they would be fun to hang with. Maybe I’ll get to meet them one day.


Wilco xxoo


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