WWE Wednesday – Wilco vs Luna

Wilco’s Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)!

I have to admit it, I love to wrestle. My Dad says it’s because I’m a boy and boys are goofier than girls but my Mom says that doesn’t make sense since most of the people dogs I wrestle with are girls.

When we head to the off leash parks I am always sniffing around for the perfect playmate to wrestle with. Some of my past wrestling matches were with Eric the Red and Abbey the Rescue from Mexico.

Wrestling is a common occurrence with me so I decided to make WWE a regular Wednesday post featuring new opponents friends each time — that is until I grow up and no longer want to wrestle, which I hope is never!!

One day, a few weeks back, while walking around at Tom Campbell’s Hill I met Luna and like Abbey, she’s a Rescue from Mexico. Without further delay…..

Meet Luna

 Wilco xxoo


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