Weekend Walks Continued

My story continues… Here’s Part 1 — just in case you missed it.


We returned to Nose Hill but this time my Dad joined us. The parking lot was packed and I was stoked. So far this walk was looking good.

Not far up the trail we met a group of people. I ran up to say hello and to find out where they were hiding their dog. They paid me no attention and there was no dog to be found. Then I heard the word “porcupine”. A guy from the group was showing my Mom and Dad something and I was being put on lead. Annoying porcupines! This time I got a good look at it — didn’t look like much of a threat to me. My Mom took some photos and the porcupine disappeared into the ground.

Continuing on we met up with a lady walking 2 Miniature Pinschers. I headed over to say hello but was greeted with some nasty snarling. She told us that her dogs don’t like other dogs. Weird!

I stuck close to Mom and Dad after that little encounter. Dad thought it was a good time to practice “stay” while my Mom took some photos.

Up a head of us were a couple of groups of people and they were heading our way. I kept an eye out for their dogs. No dogs? What are these people doing at an off leash park without a dog? Crazy! I headed over to say hello but was ignored. How could this be? Everyone used to tell me how cute I was. Mom says it’s because I no longer look like a puppy. That just doesn’t make any sense — I still feel like a puppy.

About half way through our walk I saw her. Our eyes met. We checked each other out. Her name was Abbey and she was rescued from Mexico. A sweet, playful señorita.

Abbey and her Dad had to continue on and I was left with great memories. Perhaps we’ll meet again.

We walked back towards the parking lot. I explored. I posed… some more.

I was back in the SUV. Time to head home for a nap and perhaps a big meaty bone.


No off leash park for me today. Mom and Dad thought it was a good day to practice heeling on a busy street. We took a walk down to 17th Avenue and over to 4th Street. I was little spooked by the loud vehicles but I enjoyed watching all the people.

My Mom stopped to take a few photos of pups hanging around outside of a bakery.

(My Mom didn’t like those photos — she said they weren’t in focus but I decided to include them anyway.)

We walked to a trail near home and my Mom took another photo of me. I think I look goofy but my Mom says I look like I’m smiling and she likes my pearly whites.

Smiling Wilco

The End


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