Weekend Walks

Wilco here! I have been promoted to the head writer and this is my first official post.

I figured there was no better way to start than with a story about one of my favourite activities, going for walks. This past weekend I got to go on a couple of good ones. Let me tell you about them.

It All Started Friday

I was loaded up in the car and I was super excited to be headed to one of my favourite off leash parks in the city, Nose Hill.

My excitement was short-lived when we arrived in the parking lot and there were only 2 other cars. It was going to be slim pickins’ for playmates.

We headed up the trail and a couple of minutes later I saw a dog and his Dad. Exciting! To my utter dismay the dog was on lead and was not happy about it. He was in no mood to play with me. We learned the dog was a 1-year-old rescue named Bear.

After a short visit we continued on our way. I found a stick and entertained myself for a short while.

We continued a little further and I spotted another dog with his Dad. Perhaps this guy/girl was interested in playing. This time, to my dismay, he/she was very mellow and not at all interested in me.

I explored the area a bit. I was on the scent of something interesting when I heard my Mom call my name, followed by the word “come”. Reluctantly, I obeyed and returned to her. I was instantly put on lead. What the heck! I wasn’t being bad. She was talking to this guy and they were saying something about a porcupine in a bush. Whatever that is.

We continued on the trail. I was let off lead, free once again to explore. A short distance away I saw the boulders I like to climb. I raced over and climbed on. My Mom joined me and I posed for some shots.

Our walk was coming to an end. We were heading back to the car. What a bust, no one to play with. But just over the ridge we met up with a Chocolate Lab. His name was Vader and he was 1½ years old. He was a dog after my own heart, he was a player. We played for a short while and my Mom chatted to his Mom and Dad. My Mom managed to get a few shots.

I was a happy guy and ready to return to the car and home.

To be continued….


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