A Dog and His Bone

At five months of age Wilco weighs in at 47 pounds. We’re guessing he’ll be a good-sized boy when he’s fully grown.Wilcos Weight

We picked up a load of raw food the other day — 33 pounds of various patties, turkey necks and bison ribs. At 47 pounds, Wilco gets fed about 2 pounds of food a day, about 4-5% of his body weight. This 33 pounds of food should last about two weeks and at $2.50-3.00/lb, raw food is much costlier than kibble — all kibble. We firmly believe that feeding raw food is much healthier and worth the extra cost.

Lately, Wilco has probably been getting a bone a day. His premolars are coming in and bones, especially frozen bones, seem to help. He’ll spend a fair chunk of time on a large meaty bone, like the Bison ribs seen in the photos. It’s also amazing to watch him while he works on cleaning all he meat off the bone — never leaving a speck of good stuff behind.

DSC_7745 DSC_7744 DSC_7743 DSC_7742


9 responses to “A Dog and His Bone

  1. Wilco is gorgeous. I’ve heard from other pet parents that once they’ve put their dogs on a raw food diet, their allergies either disappear or greatly diminish. My Alex eats kibble, Wellness, and I cook for her every week. She is almost 11 years old so I’ll keep her on this kind of diet since it seems to work for her. If you don’t mind my question, why did you decide to put Wilco on a raw food diet? I am always interested on other pet parent’s point of view and experiences:)

    • Our last Golden passed away in September, at 10 years of age, from a pericardial effusion probably due to cancer. She ate kibble her whole life so this time we decided to give raw food a try to hopefully avoid the same outcome. Our experience has been great so far; less shedding, no ear infections, less pee and poop and he’s lean and healthy. Perhaps as an added bonus… he has very little interest in people food.

      • Wow! A lot of other pet parents have told me the same. Alex is about to be 11 years old. She is a Dogo Argentino/Pit bull mix, and so far she’s been a very healthy girl. I feed her Wellness and I cook once a week for her. Thanks for your reply.

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