Park Bully

Yesterday, Wilco encountered his first bully. We had gone for a walk around our neighbourhood and stopped at a small park where 2 dogs, a small unknown breed and a Border Collie, were playing fetch. We let Wilco off lead and he pranced over to say hello. Just a few seconds later he was yelping and crying and trying desperately to get away from the bullies. He managed to escape and returned to our side with his tail between his legs.

The owner of the 2 dogs came over to apologize for the altercation and asked us to put our dog on lead. She mentioned that the Border Collie is very possessive of his tennis ball and that was the reason for the aggression. At the time we didn’t know how to respond to her. In hindsight we should have asked her why she would allow her dogs to be off leash and why she would allow them to have a toy that would provoke aggression.

Although Wilco was not physically harmed we wondered if he would be more fearful of other dogs in the future. We needn’t have worried, he was his social butterfly self at the off leash park today.


Wilco and 10 month old Murphy


Wilco and 5 month old Cat the rescue dog.


Wilco and 1 year old Bo, the Labradoodle


4 responses to “Park Bully

  1. Well don’t think too much off it… it is all part of learning… Finn always used to run to any dog available until that time a rottweiler bit him in the ear, after that he was a lot more cautious in his approach. And it is not the woman’s fault, her dog are surely not agressive (not that I know her), and it really doesn’t sound like it… it is more the fact that your little man is making it out into the big world… and he is learning bit by bit… so don’t worry about the incident… all is good… 🙂

  2. There is always a dog park bully. Dog parks can be great, but they can also have their downside too. I could tell when it got too much for my dog. I found that we got to know a few ppl who had dogs with like play styles and made it a regular occurrence to meet up during particular days/times together. Keep an eye on him, you’ll know if it gets to be too overwhelming for your little one.

    • This wasn’t even a dog park, it’s just a small park in the neighbourhood with only the 3 dogs. We have never had an incident at an off leash park in the 10+ years we’ve been going to them. I have a feeling she was at this particular park to avoid other dogs. Fortunately most dogs are good natured.

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