The Daily Golden

In my quest to find people’s opinion on best toys for a golden retriever, the most popular answer is “tennis balls”  Just plain ‘ol tennis balls..

I wanted to share with you some concerns:

1.  Tennis balls contain chemicals – Some do.  lists some brands and the level of chemicals in each (low/med/high)

Chemicals in Tennis Balls –

2.  Tennis balls cause choking – the ball can break and lodge in to the dogs airway.  In my research, I read many comments about people who lost their golden this way.  Even when supervised, this is a possibility.

Here’s a great article from Dr. Marty Becker of about tennis balls and choking.

Are Tennis Balls A Dangerous Toy for Dogs?

3.  Tennis balls are bad for teeth – That furry stuff that coats a tennis ball wears away at teeth.  This article from Sharon Peters from

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