Enjoying the Warm-up

After almost a week of -20°c it warmed up yesterday to -1°c and we headed out to Nose Hill park for an off leash adventure with Wilco’s 13 year old dog cousin, Catie. Wilco, try as he may could not convince Catie that playing with him would be a good thing. Catie, being elderly and deaf was very patient with Wilco and when his antics became too much for her she put him in his place.

Wilco loves being off leash, he trots along proudly, racing off to visit with everyone and every dog but always checking to make sure we’re still close by.

The lighting at Nose Hill was perfect for getting some great shots.

DSC_4186 DSC_4184 DSC_4172 DSC_4142

DSC_4269 DSC_4266 DSC_4263 DSC_4253 DSC_4234 DSC_4224


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