To Vaccinate or Not

DSC_3865 DSC_3866Wilco is 12 weeks old now and with that milestone came his first visit to his vet. Wilco was totally unscathed by the process. He was happy to get attention from the staff and visit with the kittens and pugs in the waiting area. He received a clean bill of health and received his 2nd round of core vaccines; distemper, parvo and adenovirus. We decided to delay the rabies vaccination until after his 3rd round of vaccines at 16 weeks. With all the controversy surrounding pet vaccines we debated whether or not to continue with the puppy protocol. After discussing our options with our vet we decided to follow Dr. Ronald Schultz’s, a veterinary immunologist at the forefront of vaccine research, recommendations and continue with the core vaccines but titre test in the future.

For more info on pet vaccines watch the following, very informative, video.


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