When the temperature dips down

Stories from home


It has turned cold here in Maine. Today’s high temperature was a far from balmy 24 degrees, and the days have become almost unbearably short. By the end of this weekend we’ll be limited to less than eight hours of daylight, and I for one am looking forward to the upcoming winter solstice when the days will start getting slightly longer again.

When the temperature dips down like it has done lately, I find that it becomes that little bit harder to enjoy time outside. On bitter cold days like today, warm clothing doesn’t seem to do much to stave off the chill, and the icy wind feels as though it is wrenching the energy right from your body.

I feel for our new puppy Oliver as he deals with the frigid air while learning the ropes of potty training. On that note, he’s doing great… what a smart puppy! Neither…

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